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Envelop your favorite people in ethereal beauty and effortless style

Invite your guests to experience the sweeping landscapes and abundant sensations of upstate New York with a lovingly crafted artisanal gathering. 
Idyllwild Event Design serves New York's Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountain regions.

what we do

Hey there, Lovers:

On a quest to show your people a damned good time...

...and make it look easy ?

Idyllwild supports busy urban couples in creating a destination affair that’s beautiful, relaxed and luxurious.

you're in the right place.

on the Itinerary:


Day-of details, color palettes, renderings, and remote support. Idyllwild is your eyes and ears upstate. Your wedding just got a personal stylist.


We’re pretty forthright about this: If your flowers aren’t totally flipping stunning, why are you even having them?

hi there.

I’m Jasmin, the one most excited FOr your event (besides you).

When I started planning our shindig back in 2014, I couldn’t find anyone who “got” our mission.

The available vendors did their best to create beauty, but I wanted to forge a path. I wanted something timeless and also very much of-the-times. I wanted to burnish memories and telegraph our values. I wanted to expand minds.

I wanted something revolutionary.

That’s why I created Idyllwild. It’s custom-made for you, my multi-faceted, bookish, well-travelled, Nature loving, warrior-hearted friends. It’s here to help you change the world with the Power of your Love.

Designer, Pisces, mom, teacher, gardener, and old home fixer-upper

Jasmin made every bit of our wedding cohesive and executed our vision to the nth degree.

we are forever grateful.

- A+Z, Wallkill, NY

Wedding Design

NY Hudson Valley, Catskills, Western Berkshires

Guidance on vendor selection, attire, invitations, linens, china, specialty rentals, signage, favors, guest experiences, displays, and more.

 Make your wedding an extension of yourselves
with Idyllwild as your Catskills or Hudson Valley wedding designer.

Let it grow

Custom Floral ARTISTRY

Timeless and textured living art. Voluptuous blossoms that take your breath away.

musings from the


Reflections on design, inspiration, resources, and real-world pretties,
presented in Idyllwild’s signature style. 


You’re Engaged! ...Now what?

You’re betrothed and willingly hurling yourself into the black hole that is Pinterest. You’re in love and you’re creatively inspired. Killer combo! But with each passing moment you feel more overwhelmed. Where do you start? How do you organize your ideas? How much does all this sh*t cost? Fear not, Feyoncé. You’re about to get information.

let's  party  outside!

TELL YOUR Love STORY Like only you can.

Here’s the thing: An upstate wedding requires considerable moxie. It takes an adventurous pair to regularly haul their cookies into the wilderness to drink the wild air. But you do it, because you know there’s magic in these mountains. You know the journey is the destination. If you were a cookie cutter, drive-through, golf course wedding type of couple, you wouldn’t be fleeing the city each weekend to commune with nature. And now you’re coming here to join forces for eternity. So Let’s get you a love party befitting your epic union, shall we?



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