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Idyllwild Event Design is a creative studio that assembles and manages the aesthetic aspects of your event. If your goal is to tell your story in a beautiful way, and your approach is one of understated opulence, we're the wedding designer for you. We reveal that story by bringing the inside out and the outside in, because we excel at blurring the line between humanity and the natural world. And this approach applies whether you’re partying in a Catskills barn or a loft in Poughkeepsie. It’s all about celebrating in Nature with your favorite folx.

You two are creative, vivacious achievers in most areas of your lives. You each have distinctive personal style- you’re sartorial geniuses, TBH- and you don’t settle for anything “basic”. 

While others are Netflixing or whatever, you’re out changing the world. But if you're anything like us, sometimes you have trouble letting go and asking for help. You know you want to take your wedding to the next level too, but you’re too busy hustlin’, honey. You just want someone to tell you what works. 

We get it. You and your partner are working in Manhattan during the week, and by Friday at 5, you’re zipping up to the mountains to cop an Airbnb and some farm-to-table. You two truly enjoy planning your wedding. You can’t wait to take action and make decisions. But the combination of traveling, vendor meetings and guesswork about what you need and where to find it is overwhelming. And the storage... don't even start.

You're in the right place.

Ways to Work Together

Full Event Design

When you want an expertly curated, thoughtfully designed wedding experience that communicates your style and values from save-the-date to sparkler exit.

STyle ME up >

Custom Floral Art

High impact, site-built installations, textured and romantic bouquets, and arresting reception arrangements, created without foam or single-use plastics.

Let's Blossom >

Event Design

Event Design is our signature offering. Think of it as a combination of interior design and personal shopping for your wedding day.

Just as you've carefully selected your venue and caterer, painstakingly pored over the budget, and winnowed your guest list, we at Idyllwild spend our days blending the perfect colors, textures, flowers and lighting. We select linens, china, rentals, and paper goods, construct displays, and source gorgeous invitations, cakes and favors. We bring the magic that makes your event look and feel the way you always imagined it would.



You’ve already booked your venue and caterer, and you're ready to personalize the experience for youselves and your guests.

Custom Floral Art

We pore over seasonal bloom varieties, colors, shapes, and textures to create a magical environment for your guests. But we don’t want your wedding to feel overstuffed or pretentious. 


You’re already set with planning and design. You have a list of your floral needs, a budget, and inspiration images to share.

Nobody likes it when folx try too hard. Our design aesthetic is gestural, with a "grown-in" feel reminiscent still-life paintings. Texture, color, and line are the hallmarks of an Idyllwild floral creation. We keep it loose and garden-like, but never "weedy". We respect errant tulips and wayward vines for their sense of adventure! We also love nature (and we hope you do, too). Thus we prominently feature seasonal foliage. Please note that we require a minimum investment of $7500 for floral design services.


Mission-Driven Design:

“Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.

Design is therefore responsible for the world our children will live in.”

- Robert L. Peters


real results

Kari was a perfect fit from day one

“We were on the same page from the very beginning and I'm so glad we found you as a vendor.”

We also have you to thank for almost our entire list of vendors. From photography, to the planners, to the hair and makeup, all your recommendations were spot on.
...I can't wait to refer you to other brides.

- Kari

Sarah shared our passion for pumpkins...
And Social Progress

“Run - don't walk - to work with Jasmin! I 1000% enthusiastically recommend her to any future couples.”

Jasmin is extremely talented, thoughtful, and kind, which I learned are essential but not common qualities you need in your wedding vendors. While I shared my ideas and inspiration with her, the day-of creations were so much better than I could have imagined. She managed to capture our vibe so much so that I left a lot of final detailed decisions completely up to her.

- Sarah

Gina was able to stay present 

“Thank you so much for everything you have done to make the wedding of my dreams come to life! "

You have no idea how much better and easier you've made the whole planning process. Thanks to you, I was totally stress-free and able to just enjoy engaged life. It felt so great to put everything in your hands and I trusted you 100% the whole time. You are so talented, creative and a pleasure to work with. I will always (and already do) refer everyone to you! You are the BEST!

- Gina

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Average floral budget for Idyllwild's 2022 couples.

Average overall wedding budget for Idyllwild clients since coming out of lockdown.







We can't wait to help you leave a lasting impression. Send over your info and we'll connect on the best way to move forward. 



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