OMG! OMG! You did it!
We hope it was a dream, and now you're busy calling all the people and posting all the pics!

But before you fall face first into a Pinterest hole, just take a breath and download this cute little one-pager. It's gonna save you a whole lotta heartache down the road, especially if you're planning from down in NYC.

We call it the "Order of Operations". Yup, just like in grade school, you've gotta do the work in the right order if you want to find the solution. But don't worry, we take awesome notes. We'll trade ya for your email!

Working with Jasmin is a dream from initial creative consult, to design build out and beyond. With years of experience and a wealth of design knowledge, she pours her heart into each individual couple, story, event, moment.

- Daryl Getman, Photographer